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How Are You Estimating Those Big Moves?

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Manual-Move-InventoryIt is no secret that onsite visual surveys are the most powerful tool that moving companies have at their disposal when it comes to closing the deal on those large local or long distance moves. Onsite surveys however can be cumbersome and very time consuming, especially if they are paper-based.

So how do you do your onsite move surveys? Do you use cube sheets to capture inventory during onsite surveys? Are you using moving software that does not have an integrated mobile app? How is it working out for you? Chances are that your team is manually inputting the inventory on the cube sheet into a stand-alone software program? This paper-based survey process and manual data entry can result in expensive errors that could expose you to serious billing disputes later on. There must be a more efficient and better way to do this?

Good news is there does exist an automated and integrated solution to this estimating issue. You can say good-bye to cube sheets and you can say no to manual transcribing of inventory data into standalone and disparate software tools.

We bring to you our seamlessly integrated and 100% offline capable Movegistics® Survey mobile app. The only native app that helps capture move inventory, estimate move size and take pictures using the handheld device of your choice, and integrated with a CRM platform.


The Movegistics Mobile App

Whether you are an Apple or Android user, the app works seamlessly on your favorite device, whether it is a smart phone or tablet. The app is available for download on both Apple IOS and Android platforms.

Save-TimeUse the Movegistics® Survey Mobile App to breeze through your onsite surveys and capture detailed inventory.  Cut down on the time spent in doing onsite surveys by over 50% and use the extra time to close more deals. The Movegistics® Survey Mobile App allows you to rapidly capture move inventory instead of spending your valuable time on physically filling out a cube sheet and doing the math.

Book-More-MovesLet our easy-to-use mobile app do all that and more in a snap while you focus your attention on closing that deal with your customer in record time. Once you complete the survey, get your customer to sign as acknowledgement and seamlessly upload it to the server with the click of a button. After the survey is done, use the responsive auto pricing function in Movegistics CRM to instantly price the move and email your estimate to the customer for E-signature.

You can easily schedule surveys and trigger automated confirmation emails. You can view all your surveys on the Movegistics calendar with custom color-coding.


The app also has a built-in pre-move checklist to capture more information about the move including access, parking, packing, storage, additional services, and more. You can also choose to have a formatted survey report automatically emailed with your company’s logo & branding. Wow your customers by showing them how professional and efficient your company is.

Wondering if all types of moves are supported? Yes, Movegistics CRM absolutely supports all kinds of moves including local, intrastate and interstate moves.

Worried about Internet connectivity when doing an onsite survey? No worries… the app can function 100% in offline mode without an Internet connection!

What’s more, you also completely control the rooms, items and weights that are shown in the app. Movegistics CRM gives you full control and flexibility to setup your inventory screens however you choose. Roll through your sales workflow and book more moves with the Movegistics® Survey mobile app.

Delivered from the cloud and integrated with mobile apps, Movegistics CRM is the only moving software your moving company will ever need.

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