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8 Warning Signs You Need To Change Your Moving CRM

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Not all CRM software applications are created equal. Some tools lack the features or updates your company needs. Others are poorly designed and seem clunky – resulting in a poor employee adoption rate. Some other CRM tools worked very well for your company when you purchased them but you have now outgrown them. Furthermore, some companies present CRM moving software that overpromises and under delivers on functionality or support – if you fell for the hype, there’s no need to worry…you have options.

If any of the aforementioned situations seem familiar to you, then you need to change your moving company CRM. Let’s take a look at 8 glaring signs that your moving company software has reached its expiration date:

1. You’re Always Playing Catch Up

The right CRM for a moving company automates several tedious tasks and helps you work smart. By handling the important stuff like automated email follow-ups and lead tracking, your moving software should free up your team to tackle more significant tasks like booking new jobs and resolving customer issues before they flare up.

Modern CRM systems reduce data entry substantially by automatically capturing leads and providing smart tools to engage your customer. Using CRM software fosters customer outreach via the method of their choice. The software employs phone, email, text or live chat, and at a time that is most convenient to them.

Additionally, effective moving company CRM software handles functions like follow-ups, task reminders, and lead tracking. If your team is spending too much time on data entry, lead tracking or sending manual follow up emails, you’re surely leaving money on the table.

2. Your Moving CRM Software is Not the Right Fit

Your business evolves over time – you need a moving company software package that evolves with you. At some point, you want to diversify to other related areas to continue growing your business. You may want to add long distance, storage, or even designer moving services to your service portfolio. If your moving company CRM does not scale up with your business, you’re letting opportunities slip through the cracks.

Does your CRM software link each department seamlessly with a shared calendar and a central view of all customer and move activity? A company fires on all cylinders when all departments are on the same page. If your staff communicates via phone for updates, then your software causes hangups across your departments, and it may be costing you more money than it helps you earn.

3. Your Moving Company Software Isn’t Mobile Enough

Chances are you already have a mobile-friendly website to make it easy for your customers to find you and to request your services. What if you had powerful mobile apps that help you serve your customers? Wouldn’t it make your life easy as well?

Moving companies provide services at the customer’s residence or facility, often with an onsite move estimate first and then again when executing the move from pickup until delivery. Mobile access to your system allows your field reps to get estimates done onsite, complete moves efficiently without pen or paper, and instantly retrieve or share information with teammates in the office.

Furthermore, mobile apps enable your business to operate electronically and paperlessly. The average employee consumes 10,000 sheets of paper each year. A paperless CRM system saves your company thousands each year in equipment costs, materials, time savings, and claims resulting from human errors. Additionally, paperless operations reduce your carbon footprint – thus leading to ‘greener’ operations.

4. You are Frustrated with Your CRM Software Support

Seconds turn to minutes, and minutes turn to hours spent on hold. Your customers are waiting for you, but their IT support is nowhere in sight. When you get stuck, you need answers…and you need them quickly! Unfortunately, when you reach out to your software providers – all you hear is crickets. What’s worse is they want to nickel and dime you for simple things like additional training. Additionally, they charge you for adding basic features that should already be there in the software.

A product is only as good as the support team that backs it. CRM tools provide you with a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips; but if you’re not able to use them properly, they’re simply worthless. You need a product that is backed by a responsive and knowledgeable support team – a company that sees you as a partner, not just a paycheck or as someone who will pay them to build new features in their software.

5. Your Customers Aren’t Feeling the Love

Sales success isn’t just about the numbers. It’s about building great customer relationships. Your reps may be working on multiple estimates but every one of your customers want to be treated as important and they want to feel valued by your company. Your CRM should track your emails, texts, and calls and help you stay on top of your customers’ specific needs so they never feel neglected. If your software is lacking here, then your customers just won’t feel the love. Sure, you’ll get paid for your services but will it help spread the love online?

6. Your Moving Company Software is Frozen in Time

Once upon a time, you signed up for a CRM moving software package. It had the bells and whistles you needed back in the day and it still does the basics well. Unfortunately, your software provider stopped updating their software. You’re now left with a dated software package and you’re bleeding business to competitors equipped with more modern CRM software and mobile apps.

You really wanted to book Mr. Smith’s 5 bedroom house / 25k Lbs, full pack & move job but your competitor grabbed that gig. They even quoted a higher price than you and maybe even booked it before you got your estimate out to them. If this sounds like your company, it’s time for a change.

7. Your Moving Company CRM Does Not Play Well with Others

CRM software should do more than serve as a mere data storage facility. Modern CRM platforms include third-party integration with apps like QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Google Maps, and more so you are not doing redundant data entry. If your CRM refuses to integrate with important third-party apps and software then it means it needs to be replaced. Your next moving company software should include a wide array of third-party app integrations or even the potential to build custom integrations.

8. It’s Not Showing You the Money

Modern moving company CRM software should give you a rock-solid return on your investment. A good CRM can potentially give you an impressive return on your investment of up to 871% (according to Nucleus Research’s study).

Your CRM software should:

  • Improve your team’s productivity by automating sales, operations, and accounting processes.
  • Enable your office staff to anticipate and respond to customer inquiries swiftly.
  • Propel sales by way of automated lead capturing, accurate estimating, lead tracking, smart follow-ups, task reminders, etc.
  • Provide insightful reports that help drive sound business decisions.
  • Boost profits by monitoring and analyzing key sales and operations metrics – allowing your business to stay nimble and agile.

If you’re not seeing these types of results from your moving CRM software, you’re not getting a good return on your investment.

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