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Adobe Echosign

Sending contracts for signatures online is as easy as sending an email


Add recipients and attach your document to EchoSign

  • No software or downloads needed to get started
  • Works with PDF, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel and other formats

The easiest signing experience in the industry

Recipients get an email. They click a link. They sign. It’s done.

  • No need to download or sign up for anything
  • Sign using a mouse or stylus, “Click to sign” or fax it back

Your customers can sign using any device with any web browser.

Automated tracking and filing

Never lose track of your document with automatic alerts and filing.

  • Alerts give you real time document status (i.e., when the document has been opened, forwarded, viewed, expired)
  • Everybody gets a copy of the signed document instantly

Documents and their event history are securely stored.

Enterprise-grade security

EchoSign’s state-of-the-art ASP security ensures that your documents and data are secure.

  • Full AES 256-BIT SSL security and encrypted passwords and data
  • Encrypted passwords and documents

Real-time verification of server uptime status.

1. What is Echosign?

Echosign is an electronic signature service from Adobe Corporation. EchoSign’s complete, automated web contracting solution allows you to instantly send, eSign, track and file quotations securely, so you can change the game and work more competitively with your customers.

Movegistics CRM is the only moving and storage system in the world to integrate out-of-the-box with Adobe Echosign so that you have the world’s No. 1 e-signature solution right at your finger tips. Please read the below questions for more on Echosign and E-signatures.

Electronic Signatures, also known as e-signatures, are a simple, easy and legal way to get documents and agreements signed.

  • Legal – Electronic signatures are recognized as legally binding in the majority of countries around the world.
  • Tested – Industry leaders such as Microsoft, GE, Dell, Charles Schwab and Cisco Systems along with many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and tens of thousands of small to medium business rely on and create millions of e-signatures a year.
  • Secure – Electronic signatures can be more secure than written and fax signatures. The Adobe EchoSign service ensures documents are managed, signed and ultimately delivered to the contracting parties in a secure manner.
  • Auditable – The Adobe EchoSign service solves one of the most frequent questions when completing electronic transactions: Can I rely on the signature? With built in audit functionality and other unique controls and processes, the Adobe EchoSign service answers this question.

2. What Security Practices does Adobe EchoSign follow?

Adobe EchoSign leverages SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) using 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption for data in motion when accessing the application from the Internet. All offsite backups are encrypted with 256-bit AES.

3. Are electronic signatures created with Adobe EchoSign valid and enforceable in the US?

Yes. The Adobe EchoSign service fully complies with the requirements of both ESIGN and UETA.

4. Is Adobe EchoSign compliant with the ESIGN act?

Yes, Adobe EchoSign is fully compliant with the ESIGN Act of 2000.

The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (“ESIGN Act”) became effective in the United States on October 1, 2000. Since then, online electronic signatures in both personal and commercial transactions have been granted the same legal status as a written signature.

ESIGN was enacted specifically to ensure electronic signatures are given the same force and effect as a written signature. ESIGN ensures that “… contracts entered into electronically will be legally effective and valid, and that consumers who enter into contracts electronically have the same protections they have when contracting in the “brick and mortar” world.”

Just as important, ESIGN ensures that any agreement signed electronically will not be denied legal force, effect, validity, or enforceability solely because an electronic signature was used in its formation.

5. Is Adobe EchoSign compliant with UETA?

Yes, Adobe EchoSign is fully compliant with the UETA.

The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (“UETA”) is a model state act that existed prior to ESIGN providing a legal framework for electronic transactions. Like ESIGN, UETA provides that electronic records and signatures have the same validity and enforceability as paper-based transactions and hand written signatures.

6. Is Adobe EchoSign Safe Harbor Compliant?

Adobe EchoSign complies with the U.S.–E.U. Safe Harbor Framework and the U.S.–Swiss Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal data from European Union member countries and Switzerland. For more information about Adobe Systems’ Safe Harbor certification please see

Electronic Signatures in the UK

The UK has adopted and implemented certain provisions of the EU’s Electronic Commerce Directive in the Electronic Communications Act 2000, which makes eSignatures legally admissible in the UK. The Consumer Credit Act of 1974 was amended in 2004 to further facilitate the electronic signing of credit agreements.

Section 7 of the Electronic Communications Act states that in any legal proceedings, an electronic signature incorporated into or logically associated with a particular electronic communication shall be admissible into evidence in relation to questions as to the authenticity or integrity of the communication or data.

Like ESIGN, the specific electronic signature technology is not defined by the Act or the Regulations themselves. However, best practices should include an acknowledgement by parties that they are affirmatively agreeing to sign by an electronic signature. EchoSign automatically includes such an acknowledgment in every transaction

Electronic Signatures in the EU

The 1999/93/EC Directive on Electronic Signatures was signed in December 1999 to establish a common framework for electronic signatures, and was subsequently complemented by the Electronic Commerce Directive. All principal member states have since incorporated EU eSignature guidelines into their national legislation. Under the Directive, a signature in digital form attached to data must meet four requirements to be deemed an “Advanced Electronic Signature”:

  • it is uniquely linked to the signatory;
  • it is capable of identifying the signatory;
  • it is created using means that the signatory can maintain under his sole control;
  • it is linked to the data to which it relates in such a manner that is revealed if the data is subsequently altered.

EchoSign has been designed to comply with the criteria for Advanced Electronic Signatures. The Directive leaves substantial discretion to the Member States of the EU as to specific implementation of electronic signatures.

Compliance to Security and Privacy Standards

At Adobe, the security of our products and technologies is something we take very seriously, and protecting our customers and their data is a top priority.

Adobe acquired EchoSign in July of 2011. As part of Adobe’s acquisition due diligence, EchoSign was subject to a number of security assessments, including penetration testing and the auditing of corporate and technology processes.

A major goal set during the acquisition process was the integration of EchoSign’s technology and processes into Adobe’s security environment. Examples of this work include:

The Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team (ASSET), responsible for working with our individual product security teams to ensure that the highest level of security is built into every Adobe product,

The Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT), responsible for coordinating with Adobe product engineering teams to identify the appropriate response plan to a product security threat, and

The Adobe Secure Product Lifecycle (SPLC), a rigorous set of industry-leading secure software development best practices, processes, and tools designed to keep your information safe when you use Adobe software.

SSAE 16 (Formerly SAS 70)

The Adobe EchoSign service is hosted at Rackspace, an SSAE16 Type II SOC 1 hosting provider.

On June 15, 2011, the Statement for Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No 16 became effective. The SSAE 16 supersedes and replaces the Statement on Auditing Standards (SAS) No. 70. A service auditor’s examination performed in accordance with SSAE 16 (“SOC 1 Audit”) Type II SOC 1 provides a detailed description of their controls and the effectiveness of those controls. The examination often includes controls over information technology and related processes. See the report.

7. What are the key features of EchoSign?

Instant signatures — get document signed in seconds with the easiest electronic signature product in the world. Need it signed and faxed back? No problem, select the “Fax Signature” option.

From anywhere — Access your account in real-time from any browser, anywhere.

More control — Use account sharing to track contracts for your entire team or department and have instant visibility into when documents are really getting signed, how and by whom.

Less paperwork — All parties automatically receive a copy of the signed agreement. No more scanning and photocopies and a backup copy is always stored right in your EchoSign account.

8. Who Uses EchoSign?

EchoSign is used by over 35,000 companies and 6,000,000 users worldwide. Customers include global leaders like BT, Dell, GE, Time Warner, Google, Agilent, Delta, and more, as well as SaaS leaders like Netsuite, Jigsaw/Salesforce, Taleo, and Successfactors, and thousands of small businesses, including businesses of one.

9. Does the other party require an EchoSign account?

No. The recipient to your agreements doesn’t need to have an account with EchoSign in order to sign your documents.

10. How is sending a quotation through email different form sending through Echosign?

Movegistics CRM supports sending estimates through both email and Echosign.

When a quotation is sent through email, an email with the quote and inventory if attached go out to the recipient directly. It is similar to emailing a quote from your email client such Outlook or Yahoo/Gmail/Hotmail. The recipient and the sender of the email must sign physically using a pen and scan the signed copy for sending via email of fax it to you.

When the quotation is sent through Echosign the recipient and the sender can e-sign the copy digitally and the sender also gets alert emails when the recipient is viewing the quote or after they have e-signed the quote. You can setup automatic weekly or daily reminders for quotes sent through Echosign. The sender and recipient alerts can serve as powerful tools for your sales team in engaging customers and increasing their sales conversion ratio.