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Billing for Movers

You can now choose to integrate seamlessly with QuickBooks or to take advantage of the powerful billing features within Movegistics CRM Moving Software.  Either way, all your move data is automatically carried forward and made available to your billing department within Movegistics CRM.

In addition to direct integration with Quick Books, Movegistics CRM also has built-in receivables and payables capabilities. Below are some of the key highlights of billing inside Movegistics CRM.

Innovative workflow based invoicing feature integrated with sophisticated job costing.

Billing users can send invoices to a manager for approval prior to sending to customers.

Custom invoices dynamically generated with estimates and move data using your logo and terms.


Custom invoices dynamically generated with estimates and move data using your logo and terms.

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Managers can –

  1. – see job profit margins prior to approving invoices, and view historical profit margins for identical moves side-by-side with current move being invoiced.
  2. – view profit margins progressively and in real time.
  3. – set thresholds for job margins and receive instant alerts when profit margins fall below set thresholds.

Rates quoted for moves including insurance premiums if any are automatically carried forward to the invoice with an option to include additional charges incurred. All information is readily available in the invoice to help eliminate costly omissions and errors.

Receive automatic system and email alerts when moves are sent for billing or approval.

Receive deposits and balance payments against invoices. Movegistics CRM knows that you often need to collect a deposit prior to commencing move services. Deposits are automatically applied to the invoice.

Automatically send invoices for moves taken into storage.

Record bills from agents against moves and record payments against bills.

Record bills from vendors against purchase orders and record payments against bills.

Payables reports to view aging summary, open bills by agent or vendor, payments made to agents and vendors, stock and resource costs incurred over a period, and more.

Receivables reports to view aging summary, open invoices by account, payments received by Account over a period of time, total billing by territory, zone, sales rep, move type, service type, etc., over a period of time and much more.

Generate job costing reports to view profit margins by account, by zone, territory, move type, service type, sales rep etc., and more.

Export all billing data to CSV, Excel, PDF formats and of course, to Quick Books.