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8 Warning Signs You Need To Change Your Moving CRM

Not all CRM software applications are created equal. Some tools lack the features or updates your company needs. Others are poorly designed and seem clunky – resulting in a poor employee adoption rate. Some other CRM tools worked very well for your company when you purchased them but you have now outgrown them. Furthermore, some companies present CRM moving software that overpromises and under delivers on functionality or support – if you fell for the hype, there’s no need to worry…you have options.

If any of the aforementioned situations seem familiar to you, then you need to change your moving company CRM. Let’s take a look at 8 glaring signs that your moving company software has reached its expiration date:

1. You’re Always Playing Catch Up

The right CRM for a moving company automates several tedious tasks and helps you work smart. By handling the important stuff like automated email follow-ups and lead tracking, your moving software should free up your team to tackle more significant tasks like booking new jobs and resolving customer issues before they flare up.

Modern CRM systems reduce data entry substantially by automatically capturing leads and providing smart tools to engage your customer. Using CRM software fosters customer outreach via the method of their choice. The software employs phone, email, text or live chat, and at a time that is most convenient to them.

Additionally, effective moving company CRM software handles functions like follow-ups, task reminders, and lead tracking. If your team is spending too much time on data entry, lead tracking or sending manual follow up emails, you’re surely leaving money on the table.

2. Your Moving CRM Software is Not the Right Fit

Your business evolves over time – you need a moving company software package that evolves with you. At some point, you want to diversify to other related areas to continue growing your business. You may want to add long distance, storage, or even designer moving services to your service portfolio. If your moving company CRM does not scale up with your business, you’re letting opportunities slip through the cracks.

Does your CRM software link each department seamlessly with a shared calendar and a central view of all customer and move activity? A company fires on all cylinders when all departments are on the same page. If your staff communicates via phone for updates, then your software causes hangups across your departments, and it may be costing you more money than it helps you earn.

3. Your Moving Company Software Isn’t Mobile Enough

Chances are you already have a mobile-friendly website to make it easy for your customers to find you and to request your services. What if you had powerful mobile apps that help you serve your customers? Wouldn’t it make your life easy as well?

Moving companies provide services at the customer’s residence or facility, often with an onsite move estimate first and then again when executing the move from pickup until delivery. Mobile access to your system allows your field reps to get estimates done onsite, complete moves efficiently without pen or paper, and instantly retrieve or share information with teammates in the office.

Furthermore, mobile apps enable your business to operate electronically and paperlessly. The average employee consumes 10,000 sheets of paper each year. A paperless CRM system saves your company thousands each year in equipment costs, materials, time savings, and claims resulting from human errors. Additionally, paperless operations reduce your carbon footprint – thus leading to ‘greener’ operations.

4. You are Frustrated with Your CRM Software Support

Seconds turn to minutes, and minutes turn to hours spent on hold. Your customers are waiting for you, but their IT support is nowhere in sight. When you get stuck, you need answers…and you need them quickly! Unfortunately, when you reach out to your software providers – all you hear is crickets. What’s worse is they want to nickel and dime you for simple things like additional training. Additionally, they charge you for adding basic features that should already be there in the software.

A product is only as good as the support team that backs it. CRM tools provide you with a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips; but if you’re not able to use them properly, they’re simply worthless. You need a product that is backed by a responsive and knowledgeable support team – a company that sees you as a partner, not just a paycheck or as someone who will pay them to build new features in their software.

5. Your Customers Aren’t Feeling the Love

Sales success isn’t just about the numbers. It’s about building great customer relationships. Your reps may be working on multiple estimates but every one of your customers want to be treated as important and they want to feel valued by your company. Your CRM should track your emails, texts, and calls and help you stay on top of your customers’ specific needs so they never feel neglected. If your software is lacking here, then your customers just won’t feel the love. Sure, you’ll get paid for your services but will it help spread the love online?

6. Your Moving Company Software is Frozen in Time

Once upon a time, you signed up for a CRM moving software package. It had the bells and whistles you needed back in the day and it still does the basics well. Unfortunately, your software provider stopped updating their software. You’re now left with a dated software package and you’re bleeding business to competitors equipped with more modern CRM software and mobile apps.

You really wanted to book Mr. Smith’s 5 bedroom house / 25k Lbs, full pack & move job but your competitor grabbed that gig. They even quoted a higher price than you and maybe even booked it before you got your estimate out to them. If this sounds like your company, it’s time for a change.

7. Your Moving Company CRM Does Not Play Well with Others

CRM software should do more than serve as a mere data storage facility. Modern CRM platforms include third-party integration with apps like QuickBooks, Google Calendar, Google Maps, and more so you are not doing redundant data entry. If your CRM refuses to integrate with important third-party apps and software then it means it needs to be replaced. Your next moving company software should include a wide array of third-party app integrations or even the potential to build custom integrations.

8. It’s Not Showing You the Money

Modern moving company CRM software should give you a rock-solid return on your investment. A good CRM can potentially give you an impressive return on your investment of up to 871% (according to Nucleus Research’s study).

Your CRM software should:

  • Improve your team’s productivity by automating sales, operations, and accounting processes.
  • Enable your office staff to anticipate and respond to customer inquiries swiftly.
  • Propel sales by way of automated lead capturing, accurate estimating, lead tracking, smart follow-ups, task reminders, etc.
  • Provide insightful reports that help drive sound business decisions.
  • Boost profits by monitoring and analyzing key sales and operations metrics – allowing your business to stay nimble and agile.

If you’re not seeing these types of results from your moving CRM software, you’re not getting a good return on your investment.

For the ultimate moving company software, check out Movegistics CRM. Movegistics is a complete solution that will arm every department and every employee in your company with intelligent CRM tools and slick mobile apps.

Take the free tour now to discover the potential of a powerful modern CRM platform equipped with the most valuable features like; automated lead capturing, accurate estimating, paperless operations, insightful reporting, third-party integration, native mobile apps, and much more.

Personalized 24×7 support and individualized training are provided so you can make the switch to Movegistics with full confidence. We will even upload your document formats and your existing customer database into Movegistics CRM for you. Once you make the switch, grow with confidence because features you didn’t know would be useful are ready when you are.

Make Every Move Smarter with Movegistics CRM.

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Why Your Moving Company Needs A CRM System

Great customer relationships are the foundation of any business. This is especially true for moving & storage companies, where the growth of your business depends on the number of customer relationships developed and maintained over the long run.

Managing customer relationships when you first open your business is pretty simple, given there aren’t many customers you’re dealing with. As your service portfolio grows, those customer relationships become harder to manage without the right toolset.

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a set of tools that allow businesses to manage their customer relationships and the information associated with them. CRM is now a major tenet of operating a successful business. Simply put, CRM software is like Facebook or Twitter for your business. As their moving company, you connect and collaborate with your customers using the CRM tools. These powerful tools also act as your customer database and serve to remind you of the next followup, estimate or move, while keeping your customer information updated about the move in one central place, and much more.

Topics to Consider:

If you manage a moving business but are unfamiliar with the benefits of CRM, we’d like to first give you some questions to think about before we discuss the specific benefits of CRM.

  • How do you manage your customer relationships? Do you go the extra mile to strengthen these relationships?
  • How does your sales team capture customer information? Do they enter the information in a form in a software? Do they use post-it notes or spreadsheets? If they use post-it notes or note cards, how consistently is the information transferred to a spreadsheet or program? How much time is spent completing the transfer?
  • Think about the last time a customer called you for an update? How long did they have to hold before you could find their information? Were you able to rapidly look them up by name, phone number, email, or zip code?
  • Does your sales team treat all customers the same way? If you could, would you rather isolate and prioritize the largest moves that you are prospecting.
  • Can you determine which of your leads are ‘hot’ or ‘cold’?
  • On average, how much time does it take for your team to respond to a rate request?
  • Are you closing enough leads? Do you know how your closing ratios compare to your competition?
  • Do you do interstate moves? Do you know how your closing ratios compare for your local, intrastate and interstate moves?
  • Do you get leads from multiple sources? Do you know how much money you made through each lead source last month? Do you know which lead sources are yielding the larger moves that substantially help improve your topline revenue?
  • Do you set sales quotas? How often do you measure actual sales against those quotas?
  • Are you tracking your sales pipeline? A sales pipeline is a visual representation of your prospects and where they are in the booking process. Your sales pipeline also provides an overview of your sales forecast 30, 60 or 90 days out.
  • Do you provide storage services? How do you manage and track vaults? How much time do your monthly billing storage runs take?
  • How do you notify all employees involved about changes or updates to a move?
  • Can your current sales and operations processes scale up as your business grows?
  • Have you ever missed a move, lost a customer or dealt with poor negative reviews on Yelp, BBB or social media because someone in your office actually forgot something or didn’t pass on vital information on time?
  • Most importantly, if you have the answers available for these inquiries, consider the time it takes you to find the answers to these questions. With a good CRM system, you can answer each of these questions in just a few seconds and with a couple of mouse-clicks or taps.

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

To borrow from Marshall Goldsmith’s famous book, ‘What Got You Here Won’t Get You There’; maximizing your businesses’ potential requires you to find a new set of tools that will complement the strengths you already possess and take your business to the next level.

A good CRM system helps both start up movers and established moving companies alike to maximize their profits. A good moving software with intelligent CRM features turns a good team into a great one. When your staff is firing on all cylinders, you can expect more clientele, cream of the crop moves, a great reputation, and greater returns on your investment.

While good CRM software can be valuable to any business, it can provide immense value to small and medium-size movers as a toolset that can help them compete with larger players in the marketplace. A CRM system helps bridge the divide in efficiency between smaller business by using apps and software previously only available to larger corporations.

A good CRM system could be that complementary toolset your business needs to ‘Get You There’.

The Case for Building a Great Online Reputation

We are in the social media age where customer interactions are amplified on the internet. When a customer has a fantastic experience, they may tell their friends. When a customer has a poor experience, they’re likely to broadcast their thoughts to thousands, even millions of people.

As noted by ‘Hug Your Haters‘ author Jay Baer, social media has turned customer service into a spectator sport.

As more and more businesses establish a digital presence, their social customer interactions become very significant – but what are customers most likely to complain about?

Below are some findings from a study titled ‘Roasted Reputations‘ by Corra:

  • 52% of survey respondents said they were likely to complain publicly if customer service did a poor job resolving their product or service issue
  • Almost 1 in 8 complainers do so with the hopes of hurting the company’s reputation
  • 88% of consumers have avoided a company because of a bad review on social media

A marketing research firm, Ask Your Target Market, recently surveyed consumers and determined that 50 percent of the respondents checked online reviews “all of the time” or “most of the time”. An additional 25 percent of the respondents claim they check reviews half of the time.

Clearly, poor customer experiences lead to negative reviews, and a negative review can do serious damage–the kind that takes more than a good review to fix.

The facts are clear and they may make the Internet seem like a terrifying place for small businesses but can those negative reviews be avoided in the first place? Absolutely.

You can minimize negative reviews by employing a robust CRM system that will automate key tasks like sending timely updates to your customers, responding quickly to their requests and educating them upfront about your company’s policies. Additionally, you can set up automated tasks and reminders with CRM software at critical points throughout the move process to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. The right CRM toolset will have built-in workflows so you have all your bases covered, for example, getting your customers to sign or e-sign important documents before you execute their move.

A good CRM system will even let you automate the process of collecting customer feedback. Delight your customers with the help of a good CRM system and see the domino effect it has on the growth of your business.

The Case for Customer Loyalty

If there’s one thing most businesses have in common, it’s that we all want loyal customers. Our growth depends on them. We thrive on them. CRM software can dramatically help strengthen customer loyalty by fostering strong customer relationships.

Generally, it’s much cheaper to keep customers satisfied than it is to acquire new customers. Gartner, a major global research firm, has done extensive studies on the value of repeat customers compared to new customers. They have discovered that repeat customers have a 65% chance of converting to another sale over just 13% with new customers – that follow-up phone call or postcard means a lot to them. Your repeat customers also serve as a great source of referrals – they refer 50% more business to you than single-transaction customers.

These powerful statistics translate to more dollars in your pocket. Place your focus on developing repeat customers and their future referrals by managing those relationships carefully.

Customer Relationship Management encompasses every interaction from beginning to end. It’s about ensuring that every customer has a great experience, that they get the right services, and that they become your satisfied customers, your repeat customers and even your brand ambassadors.

Benefits of Moving CRM Software

While moving companies are generally considered very ‘low-tech’ outfits, the future of the moving industry relies on strong CRM systems. A powerful CRM tool like Movegistics CRM software can literally transform every aspect of your business – beginning with lead capture and all the way up to closing the move and getting rave customer reviews.

Now let’s talk about what an effective CRM tool like Movegistics CRM can help you accomplish:

✓ Rapidly capture, engage and convert leads into booked moves. You can automatically funnel leads instantaneously from multiple sources including your company’s website, third-party lead providers, and realtors. With Movegistics CRM, you will often have booked the move by the time your competitors get their estimates in.
✓ Rapid Estimating – With our Movegistics CRM moving estimate software, your representatives can craft accurate estimates for all types of moves in a quarter of the time it takes to fill out cube sheets and prepare estimates manually.
✓ Real e-signature capabilities – Streamline the sales process from prospecting to conversion through e-signing. This feature eliminates plenty of headaches for your sales team and allows them to focus on more productive tasks while automated estimate reminders are sent out to customers. Your customers simply use their email or our convenient online portal to review and e-sign their documents.
✓ Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management – Nurture customer relationships by leveraging automated email campaigns for upsells, tips, checklists and move anniversaries. Never miss a beat with the smart notes and call logs features. Don’t forget that repeat business and referrals makes you big bucks, so use these tools often. Why sell your customers once when you can sell them multiple times?
✓ Help you close more deals by automating follow-ups, task reminders and by engaging your leads through informational email templates. Stay on top of your customer’s inbox with very little or no effort on your part and without being too intrusive at the same time.
✓ Customizable templates – Make your business stand out. Wow your customers and establish professionalism with custom quotes, move documents, and email templates.
✓ Native iPad and Android apps – Our mobile apps make your field operations a breeze. Your field representatives will gain a sense of greater autonomy with remote access to your database as well as our mobile estimate app and electronic Bill of Lading app. These apps eliminate the use of paper, streamline the sales & operations process, and provide access to electronic copies for both the customer and your company.
✓ Build a healthy sales pipeline. Movegistics shows you where the money is in your sales process. In addition to setting sales quotas, you’ll be able to understand at what stage each prospect is, whether you have enough moves on the calendar to achieve your quotas, as well as understand whether certain leads need special attention. A business that is managing its pipeline well can score more three pointer field goals, i.e., benefit from larger revenues and higher profits by booking more moves in less time.
✓ Sales reps are people persons (by nature and by training). If you have already done the hard work to hire great sales reps with a fire in their belly, give them a smart CRM tool like Movegistics and watch your closing ratios shoot up.
✓ Build and nurture your realtor relationships. We know that realtors are one of your most important referral sources. For this reason we built you a mobile app that your realtors can download on their phones and refer leads to you on the run. They can even sign up to receive notifications on their phones when their referrals are booked or marked as lost. You can then run reports to see what referrals were received from each realtor and calculate commissions or send them thank you gifts.
✓ Create a central hub for information so every employee stays on the same page. Movegistics provides true 360 visibility on your team’s activities and follow-ups.
✓ Powerful sales & operations calendar – Track onsite appointments, moves, tasks and events with custom color coding based on trucks, sales reps or move type. You can even push all calendar events automatically to your Google calendar.
✓ Help your team collaborate effectively with the customer using the customer portal, live chat, estimate notifications and custom email templates. Engage your customers with perfect timing instead of trying to chase them down with endless follow ups.
✓ Dispatching – Improve your operations workflow and utilize your resources efficiently. Movegistics CRM helps you assign workers and trucks or contractors to jobs, close-out jobs, calculate payroll/contractor commissions and monitor availability. You are able to see your crews, trucks and moves all in one intuitive timeline view.
✓ Storage – With Movegistics CRM you can assign moves to vaults or containers, track those vaults or containers and automatically invoice your storage customers every month. You can check warehouse capacity or view your customers in storage with only a couple clicks. You can even add customer credit cards to file for storage charges.
✓ Billing – Our moving company software generates invoices, and collects payments electronically. This creates a streamlined, environmentally-friendly operation for both you and your clients.
✓ QuickBooks integration – Our integration with QuickBooks is so much more than just a nice to have feature, it is a partnership that will benefit you immensely. With instant electronic transferring of customers & invoices into your QuickBooks, two notoriously lengthy and manual processes have been automated, saving you a tremendous amount of time.
✓ Provide a holistic picture of the health of your business through dashboard analytics and powerful reporting. The big data – sales by rep, by lead source, pipeline, closed business, neglected leads, conversion ratios, Ops reports, A/R reports & more.
✓ Online reputation management – Movegistics CRM can help you automatically collect feedback from your customers. Wow your customers with great customer service and turn them into brand ambassadors. Build a rocking online reputation for your business.
✓ True cloud-based software – Companies across the globe are migrating their computer systems to the Cloud for its various benefits. With Cloud-based software and the convenience of our mobile apps, your entire team will be connected at all times. We are recognized by CIO Review magazine as a Top 20 Most Promising Cloud Computing Company.
✓ Extensive training – We are vested in your success, and we stand by our product. We offer workshops, 1-on-1 personal instruction courses, and we can even come to your location and conduct on-site training courses for your staff.
✓ 24/7 Personable Customer Support – Your business never sleeps, neither do we – count on us if you’re ever having any technical issues and we will resolve them immediately. Our staff is here to support you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

When analyzing any major business decision, it’s important to ensure that your decisions make financial sense. Not only does Movegistics CRM provide countless implicit benefits via improvements in your services and the customer experience, but you will also experience an impressive return on your investment. Nucleus Research, a major information technology research firm, recently wrapped up a 3-year long case study where they investigated the average return on investment of CRM systems. The study discovered that implementing CRM systems result in an $8.71 return for every dollar spent. Where else can you earn an 871% return on your investment?

If you are not getting the returns you have been expecting or if your staff is neglecting your current software it’s time to consider Movegistics CRM. Think about how much you could improve your customers’ experience by providing them with quick turnarounds for document requests, accurate estimates, timely updates, convenient payment methods, reasonable pricing, and quality service? Get the tool that makes all of this possible – sign up for Movegistics CRM today. Our customers see measurable improvements in just 30 days or less. Your competition doesn’t take any days off, so make the call today and get started.

5 Reasons Why Your Moving Company Should Go Paperless

We have all been there before. You’re searching through the insurmountable pile of documents that come your way to find the right one. Meanwhile, your prospect is waiting and needs an answer as soon as possible – you need quick and simple access to your records.

Major corporations around the world are moving towards paperless solutions. While moving companies operate in a very ‘low-tech’ industry, they are missing out on powerful mover’s software that can streamline their operations, provide a greater customer experience, and greater returns on their investment.

It’s time to consider employing moving software to help your company go paperless. Let’s discuss five of the major reasons why you should make a consideration today:

Greater Productivity

Simply put, time is money. The more efficiently you can make use of your time, the greater the amount of money you can make. Movegistics allows you to operate with extreme efficiency by streamlining the lead capturing and estimating process.

Lead Capture

Our moving software has the ability to funnel customer leads from your company’s website, third-party lead providers, referring realtors, and any other lead-generating services you use. The digital transfer of this information saves your company time and the hassle of manually inputting this information yourself.

Consider that an employee may take about 8 minutes to enter a prospect’s information into your system. At an average of 10 leads a day, our Movegistics CRM can save your company 40 hours a month in data entry alone!

Moving Estimate Software – Our On-Site Estimate Mobile App

Once the lead is captured, the first responder almost always has a distinct advantage when it comes to winning the move. Especially so for medium to large moves where It is imperative to get an accurate estimate to the customer as quickly as possible.

Providing accurate on-site estimates is perhaps the single most important function of a qualified sales rep. Every move is different and they must be able to arrive at an accurate estimate based on a multitude of metrics pertaining to each move.

Traditionally, estimates are done on paper using Cube Sheets and can be very cumbersome, time-consuming, and require manual calculation. This manual step in the workflow can introduce delays in getting an accurate estimate to your customer before your competitors do.

Our Movegistics Mobile Survey App, currently available on the Google Play and iTunes app stores, eliminates the need for archaic cube sheets. The app works without an Internet connection and snaps photographs of items involved in the move. Impress your prospects and ensure accuracy and professionalism with the Movegistics CRM on-site estimate mobile moving app.

Now consider that the same employee may take 45 minutes on average to complete an estimate using a cube sheet. Our on-site survey mobile app can help you complete the same estimate in under 10 minutes. At an average of 5 estimates per day, our mobile app can save your company over 80 hours a month in estimating alone!

Going paperless allows you to eliminate tedious tasks, like sorting through documents. Consider this, as you go paperless you will have less documents to sift through each day. Your employees will spend less time sorting and distributing documents, then shredding or filing it. More of these activities are done digitally – emails go to the proper address, estimates are signed electronically and there is no sorting, filing or shredding involved.
Ask yourself, are your employees being productive…or are they simply busy? With the power of our moving software, you will eliminate inefficient tasks that keep your employees busy so that they can focus on tasks that keep them productive. In the end, your bottom line will thank you generously.

Cost Savings

Operating on paper is expensive. Printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines – they all cost money. Aside from their purchasing cost, you must factor in ink, maintenance, and paper. Studies estimate that each employee uses about 10,000 sheets of paper each year. This paper costs around 500 per employee. Once you factor how many employees you have to provide paper for, the numbers start to add up quickly.

Let’s examine these costs a little further. Printers, scanners, copiers, and fax machines increase the startup costs of a business. If you’re a new entrant in the moving industry, you want to keep your startup costs as low as possible while you focus on growing your revenue. With Movegistics CRM, you can minimize your startup costs and replace them with a low monthly fee.

Also consider the variable costs associated with time spent on printing, preparing and handing off paperwork, and the time spent by your office in verifying final charges on the printed BOL. How about the losses from errors and omissions that cut into your profits? The losses can results from claims settled out of pocket because pre-existing damages were not digitally documented, or even from simple calculation errors in the BOL.

If your office staff is tied up in preparing, filling out and handing off paperwork, they are not available to respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner. We live in an era of instant gratification, nobody wants to wait long for a response – or a document for that matter. By going paperless, you can eliminate intensive paper based procedures such as job summaries and Bill of Ladings. Not only do you save on the supplies – your employees get that time back for more productive activities and you get to cut down your losses from errors & omissions.

Moving Company Software – Our Bill of Lading Mobile App

Our BOL app eliminates the need for paper-based documents like contracts, BOL’s, waivers, and job summaries. In addition, the app provides your foremen with more functionality at their fingertips. The app guides them step-by-step through the move and helps them calculate charges with greater accuracy.

Your foreman can do a full walk through with the app. They can take pictures of pre-existing damages and get electronic signatures on the valuation election, BOLs, waivers and warehouse receipts.

The app even keeps track of time spent on doing the move and keeps track of any break time separately. It then uses time spent on the move to automatically calculate the final move charges based on your hourly rates.

Once your foreman has completed their move, they can forward the charges to your central office for approval. If edits are made by the office, the updated BOL will bounce back to the foreman via the app. After signing the BOL, your customer will receive an electronic copy for their records.

Based on a recent customer research we conducted, our electronic BOL app can save you over $10,000 per year per truck when you account for savings from all the factors discussed above. These savings multiply as you grow your moving company and add more trucks to your fleet.

Our BOL app is perhaps the most significant cost-savings feature included in the Movegistics package. The moving company software’s functionality significantly reduces time in paperwork processing and phone calls while greatly reducing variable costs. Make the move today and you will never look back.

Easy Access and Retrieval of Information

Managing your operations on paper is expensive and inefficient. Employees in the paper-intensive moving business spend up to 30% of their time looking for notes and documents, and 10% of those notes and documents are either lost or misfiled. Multiply that by your payroll to see how much you can save by going paperless. Additionally, lost work time doesn’t account for the many related indirect costs, such as delays in processing and the resulting customer frustration. When you are searching for an address, do you still check your address book? Of course not, you check Internet search engines like Google or Yahoo for quick results with minimal effort. Searching for documents within our Movegistics CRM software is a similar comparison – you can spend an hour sifting through paper documents or you can search Movegistics and find your desired results in seconds. Compare the ease of searching up anything on our Movegistics CRM software to the time wasted in shuffling through a disorganized filing cabinet or stacks of paper to find what you’re looking for, and the answer is simple.

With our mobile apps, you will run a more effective operation in the office and out in the field as well. Your field representatives will have access to the information they need at their fingertips. This translates to more efficient customer interactions – given that they can answer many more questions onsite without the need for follow-ups.

Take a moment to consider the implicit benefits as well. When your field employees are empowered with more information available to them on the field, they will no longer have to call your central office so frequently. If you currently have multiple employees in the office for the purpose of answering phones, you have the option of assigning them to more productive tasks that put money in your pocket.

Dashboard and Analytical Reports

Our moving software gives you unmatched power at your fingertips so that you can spend your time on more productive efforts that build your business. You can take advantage of our dashboards and analytical reports to measure and monitor the key performance indicators for your moving company.

Collaboration – Sharing Information

Paperless operations foster greater collaboration. By seamlessly sharing information, each employee is informed on the latest changes. Are multiple employees working on a customer issue? Movegistics CRM makes it easier for them to remain on the same page by storing all relative notes online and in a central activity log for each employee to review. Under the paper method, generally, notes are scribbled down on a sticky note on one employee’s desk. It is up to that employee to spread the message to all other employees involved. Unfortunately, when the phone continues to ring – these updates can slip through the cracks. By using our moving company software as a central hub for all customer notes, call logs and updates, you ensure that all employees are looking at the same information and that they have the most recent information.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

We live in a digital era where our customers expect to have requests filled briefly. Your customers will appreciate their document requests being filled within seconds when you operate paperlessly via Movegistics CRM. All it takes is just a few moments to find copies of their requested documents and submit them via email.

Our moving software eliminates headaches for both the company and their customers. Consider the positive effects that our features like the Visual Estimator and Customer Portal provide. Let’s take a closer look at these features:

The Movegistics Visual Estimator

Our visual estimator is hosted directly on your website with your branding. This tool allows your prospects to build their own inventory with visual aids. They can provide as little as just their contact information or optionally provide their inventory and access info. The result is that they receive a more accurate quote and your sales team gets fully-qualified leads while enjoying a higher conversion rate. Your customers find it fun & easy to use and they will appreciate the rich, visual experience you are providing for them.

Our Customer Portal with Live Chat

After receiving a qualified lead, you can direct your customers to their very own customer portal where they can do live chats with their reps. The customer portal allows them to update their contact information as well as case-specific data regarding the desired move. They can also view and e-sign estimates and order for service documents using the portal. The portal assists with scheduling the move too, they can request move dates and times – you can then approve or suggest alternate schedules based on your availability. Once the details have been established, the portal also serves to collect a deposit from the customer. This poweful tool eliminates headaches for sales reps by saving them time in chasing down customers. It also eliminates the frustration of not being able to reach customers for vital details regarding their move.

As movers ourselves, we have fought your battles before. We took our experience and lessons learned and designed our moving company software with every step of the moving process in mind. Our goal is to streamline the process for both parties – your business, and your customers. When you offer a quality service with greater convenience, you earn satisfied customers. This leads to repeat sales and better reviews – which carry a lot of weight in our digital environment.

Becoming Environmentally-Conscious

Moving to a paperless operation via Movegistics is not only the most profitable decision you can make, but it’s also the most environmentally-friendly one! The Daily Green suggests that paper accounts for a quarter of landfill waste. Studies show that we can prevent the emission of 1.6 million tons of greenhouse gases in the U.S. via modest decreases in the use of office paper. Not only does the disposal of paper affect our environment, but the production is detrimental to the environment as well. The mechanical harvesting of wood has simplified the paper creation process and made it much more affordable to the average consumer – at the expense of our forests. According to statistics collected by The World Counts, an environmental protection database, forty-percent of our world’s timber collection is intended for the production of paper products.

We destroy 30 million acres of natural forests annually. This affects our wildlife, as we are downsizing their natural habitat. The destruction happens from the moment we cut the tree down for paper all the way up until we burn it at landfills. As paper burns, it releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – which is harmful to humans, plants, and animals when inhaled. We must play a role in protecting our environment – it’s not too late make a positive impact. By reducing your paper consumption, you’re not only helping your business – you are helping the world.

The true cost of paper lies in the handling of the paper in every step along your workflow, not just the printing of information on the paper itself. Movegistics CRM software is the paperless solution that will take your business to the next level. From true mobile accessibility to a convenient customer portal – we are the first and only software provider in our class. With convenient features that streamline operations, save money, and lead to a greater customer experience – there is no reason not to give our mover’s software a shot. Call us today to become one of our satisfied customers.