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Moving Company Software Product Overview

Netensity delivers the complete Moving Company Software automation solutions to both domestic and international moving companies. Movegistics CRM software is a solution to your moving company which Manages entire moving business from start to end. Brimming with unique features such as Inventory Management, Automatic Lead Capture, Bill of Lading, Invoice and Report Management. Movegistics is 100% cloud based application and works on any computer, Tablet and Mobile phone. Netensity delivers the goods to its customers.

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At Netensity, we strongly believe that we can succeed only if our customers are successful, and therefore, customer enablement begins on Day 1 at Netensity. Our customers love our personalized training , highly responsive customer service team and above all, they love our Moving Software product!

How Are You Estimating Those Big Moves?

Manual-Move-InventoryIt is no secret that onsite visual surveys are the most powerful tool that moving companies have at their disposal when it comes to closing the deal on those large local or long distance moves. Onsite surveys however can be cumbersome and very time consuming, especially if they are paper-based.

So how do you do your onsite move surveys? Do you use cube sheets to capture inventory during onsite surveys? Are you using moving software that does not have an integrated mobile app? How is it working out for you? Chances are that your team is manually inputting the inventory on the cube sheet into a stand-alone software program? This paper-based survey process and manual data entry can result in expensive errors that could expose you to serious billing disputes later on. There must be a more efficient and better way to do this?

Good news is there does exist an automated and integrated solution to this estimating issue. You can say good-bye to cube sheets and you can say no to manual transcribing of inventory data into standalone and disparate software tools.

We bring to you our seamlessly integrated and 100% offline capable Movegistics® Survey mobile app. The only native app that helps capture move inventory, estimate move size and take pictures using the handheld device of your choice, and integrated with a CRM platform.


The Movegistics Mobile App

Whether you are an Apple or Android user, the app works seamlessly on your favorite device, whether it is a smart phone or tablet. The app is available for download on both Apple IOS and Android platforms.

Save-TimeUse the Movegistics® Survey Mobile App to breeze through your onsite surveys and capture detailed inventory.  Cut down on the time spent in doing onsite surveys by over 50% and use the extra time to close more deals. The Movegistics® Survey Mobile App allows you to rapidly capture move inventory instead of spending your valuable time on physically filling out a cube sheet and doing the math.

Book-More-MovesLet our easy-to-use mobile app do all that and more in a snap while you focus your attention on closing that deal with your customer in record time. Once you complete the survey, get your customer to sign as acknowledgement and seamlessly upload it to the server with the click of a button. After the survey is done, use the responsive auto pricing function in Movegistics CRM to instantly price the move and email your estimate to the customer for E-signature.

You can easily schedule surveys and trigger automated confirmation emails. You can view all your surveys on the Movegistics calendar with custom color-coding.


The app also has a built-in pre-move checklist to capture more information about the move including access, parking, packing, storage, additional services, and more. You can also choose to have a formatted survey report automatically emailed with your company’s logo & branding. Wow your customers by showing them how professional and efficient your company is.

Wondering if all types of moves are supported? Yes, Movegistics CRM absolutely supports all kinds of moves including local, intrastate and interstate moves.

Worried about Internet connectivity when doing an onsite survey? No worries… the app can function 100% in offline mode without an Internet connection!

What’s more, you also completely control the rooms, items and weights that are shown in the app. Movegistics CRM gives you full control and flexibility to setup your inventory screens however you choose. Roll through your sales workflow and book more moves with the Movegistics® Survey mobile app.

Delivered from the cloud and integrated with mobile apps, Movegistics CRM is the only moving software your moving company will ever need.

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5 Reasons Your Moving Software Isnot Working

A shorter version of the following article was published as a Focus Feature in the Jan/Feb 2014 issue of ‘THE PORTAL‘ magazine (The Journal of the International Association of Movers).


You spent months looking for the right software program for your moving business, painstakingly allocated a budget to pay for it, spent weeks or even months in implementation, paid for training & customization only to have it rejected by your sales and dispatch staff. The new software was labeled as “complex”, “unnecessary” and worse, “not useful in booking moves.”

Chances are you have experienced resistance like that from your team first hand, and if not, you have likely heard about one too many failed software projects from your friends in the industry.

There are several software programs in the market that are made for movers with a multitude of features and flexible pricing options. They all help you book moves, dispatch crews & trucks and bill your clients. So how do you know which software program is right for you?

Let’s say you did your due diligence and you are confident that you picked the software program that is just right for your needs. Does that mean your staff will accept it too? One way to ensure adoption is by making its use compulsory for your staff, but will it be effective? A good software program must provide reports with the big data that the owners and managers need to make decisions. But wait. What about the little data that your staff must input first? If your staff doesn’t truly buy into the new software program, what are the chances they will enter all the little data that is needed to make the big data meaningful? You may be familiar with the equation that is famous in software and all technology; Garbage-In = Garbage-Out.

Buying the right software program and fostering software adoption are two entirely different challenges. However, they do go hand-in-hand in getting you the return you will expect on your collective investment of time, efforts & money.

As a recognized CRM expert providing vertical CRM solutions in the mobility & moving industries, we are here to answer difficult questions like the ones above in this article and share tips that will help foster adoption. We work with owners, managers, CIOs, CEOs and end-users alike in companies of all sizes globally. We know what works for them and what doesn’t. We will address your software challenges in this article by entering into the minds of the end-users (your team) and give you deeper insights into what they are thinking, how you can help them, and what you must demand from your software program.

moving-decisions “I’d rather be booking moves.”

That’s super! You are blessed with sales reps that are unstoppable; they have a fire in their belly to bring in new business. When your sales reps say they’d rather be bookings moves what they really mean is they want to do the work that leads to bookings.

Let’s imagine Mr. Joe Bloe just called your company seeking a move estimate. Does your sales rep have to switch back and forth between several disparate tools, such as your team calendar to check availability, take notes on move size, use their calculator to work out estimates and then enter data in the software program all with Mr. Bloe on the phone? If so, then what is it that your moving software is doing for your sales rep, if anything?

Also what value are you getting out of it as the owner or manager? Do you know your sales pipeline? What about your sales conversion ratios? What about neglected leads and lost business? Doing sales without a good CRM system is sort of like driving without a map on a highway that has no traffic signs to show the distance to your destination at regular intervals, with no alerts warning you about closed roads and no guidance on detours. Sure you will eventually get there, but the question is could you get there sooner and more efficiently?

“The program is too complex. I cannot find what I want, when I want it.”

When your staff tells you the system is too complex it could mean one of two things; One: they didn’t get sufficient training on the product or Two: the software is indeed too complex. How do you tell the difference?

When your staff tells you the program is too complex (but insufficient training is the real reason) look for small clues: they say there are “too many” features, or they don’t know where to “start”. Training issues can be resolved easily with additional training from the vendor. Look for a vendor who will not limit you on the amount of training your staff will need. Every user is different. Some learn quickly and others need more time. Insufficient training is really not a major issue; you’d rather have to deal with a training problem than live with the consequences of betting on the wrong horse.

A truly complex software is however an entirely different beast. Let’s say our Mr. Joe Bloe calls back a week after getting an estimate from your company. Does your rep have to navigate to a contacts screen hidden deep in some menu and then search for Mr. Bloe by his full name? What if they can’t find him by name, can they search by his phone number? Are they able to instantly see important data such as his move date, past conversations, or how Mr. Bloe heard about your company, or what they quoted him last week? Are they able to see all emails sent to Mr. Bloe next to his move information?

How is the handover from sales to operations? Are your Ops users able to take over seamlessly after the sales rep books a move? Are they able to see the conversations and notes just as easily? Can they monitor availability of workers and trucks days or weeks out in the future? Are they able to quickly print move contracts and job summaries for the crew? Is your operations team able to upload and download important move documents within the program or do they use Google Docs? What about closing out completed jobs? Are they able to record actual hours worked and any additional charges so that you can do your job costing and run payroll reports?

A good program will have a clean, intuitive user interface making it simple for even non-savvy users to find what they need when they need it. A complex program is the exact opposite. So how do you know where in the spectrum your system lies? Ask your sales rep to create a new lead and a move estimate. Your rep should be able to create a new lead from whichever screen they are working on in the system and complete the estimate in two or at the most three clicks.

Sales reps are ‘people’ people (by nature and by training). They need to be talking to clients and managing client relationships in order to book more moves. They’d rather not be maneuvering through a maze of menus and screens, and filling out long forms in the system.Similarly, ask your Ops team a simple question such as what is Mr. Bloe’s move date or what does availability look like for next Wednesday? Sit back and observe how quickly they are able to retrieve that information for you and from where.

You get the idea… You want to look for a system that makes creating new leads, generating estimates, dispatching and billing a snap.

“But it doesn’t help me book more moves” more-moves

Well, shouldn’t it? Your sales reps are battling in the trenches making calls and doing negotiations day after day. If your software isn’t helping them close deals quicker then it’s a red flag. And while your sales reps know how much business they closed they most likely can’t quantify how much is in the pipeline or precisely why they couldn’t win Mr. Bloe’s move. It’s not that your sales reps don’t care about the mistakes they may have made in Mr. Bloe’s sales engagement, it’s just that they don’t know they are making them. This is where CRM comes in.

Does your software program provide the tools they need to separate cold leads from qualified warm & hot leads (opportunities) or does it simply label every new lead as a ‘move’ or ‘job’ regardless of whether the lead has been qualified or tagged with an estimated dollar amount? Is it a breeze to enter, update and retrieve customer information? Does it provide the tools your reps need to do their follow ups?

Sure, data entry sucks. But it is imperative that as the owner or manager you must know which sources of leads are working for you, which sales processes and what relationships are bringing you the highest conversion rates. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) brings this crucial big data to your fingertips.

Does your software provide real CRM capabilities or does it merely let you capture customer data in move forms and help manage moves? A CRM system is not an address book or a database that merely replaces your spreadsheets. It is a system to manage your customer relationships and it should operate as such. In addition to generating important move and payroll reports, look for software that generates CRM reports that will actually help your sales reps book more moves and work for you in improving your company’s bottom line.

“I cannot use it when I am not on my work computer.”

In the mobility business, sales reps must take their work on the road as they conduct visuals and meet with clients. Most people occasionally have a need to work from home. What happens if they cannot access the system when on the road or from home? Details get lost in the delay, or worse yet you might lose business. This sucks for you, your staff and your bottom line.When your rep is away from work the system should be out there with them, accessible from their iPad, android tablet, smart phone, or from their laptop at home. They shouldn’t have to wait until they return to work to send out an estimate or book a move.

You’ve probably heard the terms “in the cloud” or “SaaS (Software as a Service),” or even “hosted web application” but maybe you don’t have a clear idea what that can mean for your moving software needs. First, let’s begin by defining that almost surreal term, “in the cloud.” In the cloud, in terms of software, means that everything you need to run your moving business is stored in one integrated program securely on the Internet. It’s “hosted” by the service provider on the Web. What it means to you is you and your team can access the software from anywhere as long as you can connect to the Internet through a web browser.

In addition to being truly cloud-based, any good moving software must also have native IOS and Android apps at minimum. You’ll want mobile visual survey apps that make capturing move inventory and taking pictures a snap so that your estimator can record the information and move on to the next survey. The mobile survey app must support conducting visuals without an internet connection as wireless data plans can quickly get expensive if rolled out to all mobile devices used for estimating. If your estimators are still using cube sheets to do visual surveys then you know what your system is lacking.

“I cannot do both international and domestic moves in the same system.”


If you undertake both international and domestic moves but your software only supports one or the other then you end up with two systems with one of them being a manual process. It also means you cannot get a holistic view of your business across your service portfolios. Consider the type of moves you undertake today and your plans to diversify in the foreseeable future as you look for a scalable software solution. Complete moving software is one that will draw upon its core CRM capabilities to enable sales growth and expand vertically to provide useful back end functionality for both domestic and international moves alike.






The only Cloud-based
Moving CRM Software that
your team will actually use.





Movegistics CRM is the next generation cloud-based CRM software built exclusively for international and domestic moving businesses. Movers across the world love the powerful yet intuitive and user-friendly workflow in Movegistics CRM.

A good moving software with real CRM features will make a good team great and help you grow your moving business, not merely run it. If your staff is neglecting your current software or if you are not getting the returns you have been expecting it’s time to consider Movegistics CRM. You’ll start seeing measurable results in just 30 days or sooner.

You’ll get powerful features like:

  • Automatic lead capture (be the first responder)
  • Powerful auto pricing tool (generate estimates rapidly, minimize human errors)
  • Native iPad and Android apps for onsite visual surveys (breeze through your surveys)
  • Customizable templates (customs quotes, move documents, email templates to engage leads)
  • One complete feature set for all your local, interstate, international and commercial moving needs
  • Dispatching (assign workers, trucks & materials, close-out jobs and optimize your operations with supply/demand visibility)
  • Billing (generate invoices, deposits, bills, payments) with QuickBooks integration
  • Procurement (generate and approve stock requests, purchase orders)
  • Payroll Reports (payroll reports for workers and sales reps, materials sold)
  • Built-in Google Like Calendar (view moves, surveys, follow-ups etc. in a daily weekly or monthly view with color coding)
  • Reporting & Analytics (all the big data – sales by lead source, pipeline, closed business, neglected leads, conversion ratios, lost jobs by competitor, ops reports, payroll reports and more)
  • Cloud-based software (recognized by CIO Review magazine as a Top 20 Most Promising Cloud Computing Company)
  • Unlimited training and unparalleled, personable product support

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What Is CRM Anyway and What Does It Have To Do With Moving?


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

Great customer relationships are the foundation of any business, especially so with moving where the growth of your business over the long run depends on the number of customer relationships developed and maintained. As a business grows those customer relationships become harder to manage without the proper tools.

Simply put, cloud-based CRM software is like Facebook or Twitter for your business. As the mover, you “connect” and “collaborate” with your customers using the CRM tools.

If you run or manage a moving business but are unfamiliar with the benefits of CRM, I’d like to first give you some questions to think about before we discuss the benefits of CRM.

– How do you manage your customer relationships?
– How does your sales team capture customer information? Do they enter the information in a form in a software? Do they use post-it notes or spreadsheets? If they use post-it notes or note cards how consistently is the information transferred to a spreadsheet or program? How much time is lost in the transfer?
– Think about the last time a customer called you. How long did they have to hold before you could find their information? Were you able to rapidly look them up by name, phone no., email or zip code?
Is your sales team treating all your customers the same way? If you could, would you rather prioritize your clients based on move size or value?
– Do you know which of your leads are Hot or Warm vs Cold?
– During busy season are you able to isolate the ‘big moves’ amongst all the moves that you are quoting on?
– Do you find yourself assigning leads and follow-ups to your team manually? How much of your time does that eat up? Isn’t that time you’d rather spend at the helm on strategic work?
– On average, how much time does it take for your team to respond to a rate request?
– Do you know how your closing ratios compare to your competition? Are you close enough leads?
– Do you buy leads from Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) providers and/or run your own marketing campaigns Either way, how long would it take for your sales team to prepare a report showing how many Google Adwords leads or PPL provider leads were closed in the last month? Are you measuring your ROIs on those marketing campaigns?
– Can your current program or manual process scale up as your business grows?
– Have you ever missed a move, lost a customer or dealt with poor feedback (buyer remorse) on yelp or social media because someone in your office forgot something or didn’t pass on information?

CRM for Movers

Now let’s talk about what a good CRM program like Movegistics CRM can help you accomplish –

– Rapidly capture, assign and convert leads into booked moves. With a good CRM program you will often have booked the move by the time your competitors get their estimates in.
– Build a healthy sales pipeline. A business that is managing its pipeline well can benefit from larger revenues and higher profits by closing more deals in less time.
– Help you close more deals by streamlining follow-ups, automatic reminders and by engaging your prospects through email templates. Sales reps are people people (by nature and by training). If you have already done the hard work to hire good sales reps with a fire in their belly, give them a good CRM system and watch your closing ratios go up.
– Be your Single Source of Truth for customer information.A good CRM program will have a common team calendar with custom color coding for for all your moves and move related events. One place where you can see what’s going on during the month, week or day.
– Help your team collaborate effectively with the customer using custom email templates.
Gather insights about customers and help anticipate their needs.
Provide a holistic picture of the health of your business through useful sales and operations reporting.
– Provide visibility into your team’s activities and follow-ups.
– Scale up to provide sophisticated features as your business needs grow.
– Ideally manage all information on the cloud so that customer information is accessible real time and from anywhere.

While good CRM software can be valuable to any business, it can provide immense value to Small and Medium-size Businesses (SMBs) as a toolset that can help SMBs compete with larger businesses in the marketplace. CRM can help already successful SMBs be even more successful. If we were to borrow from Marshall Goldsmith’s famous book, ‘What Got You Here Won’t Get You There’ — you need to find a new set of tools that will complement the strengths you already possess and help your business grow further. A good CRM system could be that complementary toolset your business needs to ‘Get You There’.

A good moving software with real CRM features will also make a good team great and help you grow your moving business, not merely run it. If your staff is neglecting your current software or if you are not getting the returns you have been expecting it’s time to consider Movegistics CRM, the next generation cloud-based CRM software built exclusively for moving companies. You’ll start seeing measurable results in just 15 days or sooner.

You have the below advantages with Movegistics CRM powering up your business:

– Automatic lead capture (be the first responder)
– Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM for Moving)
– Powerful Pricing tool for Tariffs (generate estimates rapidly, minimize human errors)
– Powerful sales & operations calendar with track onsite surveys, and moves with custom color coding based on trucks, sales reps or move type
– Real e-signature capabilities through Adobe Echosign
– Native iPad and Android apps (breeze through visual surveys)
– Customizable templates (customs quotes, move documents, email templates to engage leads)
– Dispatching (assign workers and trucks to jobs, close-out jobs and monitor availability)
– Billing (generate invoices, deposits, bills)
– Payroll Reports (payroll reports for workers and sales reps)
– Sales reservations & dispatching reports (the big data – sales by rep, by lead source, pipeline, closed business, neglected leads, conversion ratios, lost jobs by competitor, ops reports & more)
– Cloud-based software (recognized by CIO Review magazine as a Top 20 Most Promising Cloud Computing Company)
– Extensive training and personable product support.

Mover Software

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Email Templates

Did you know that Movegistics CRM email templates can serve as a powerful tool in your Organization’s sales, marketing and customer support functions?

How often do you find yourself copying an old email so that you can send it to someone else? How often do you find yourself composing the same email over and over?

Movegistics CRM email templates can be a great time saver if they are created and organized properly. Among the applications they’re useful for are customer support, sales management, and sales automation.

Once you create a few templates, sending an email is just a matter of a few clicks. This can save a lot of time in customer support and sales management roles. And because Movegistics CRM is an online and web based CRM system you can easily share the templates you create with anyone in your company.

You can use pre-defined email templates to send out frequently sent emails such as Moving Guides, Customs Guides, Moving Tips, Move Confirmation and Next Steps, etc. Once you start using email templates, you will pleasantly surprise yourself and your colleagues with the number of time saver email templates you will come up with.

Sending emails through Movegistics CRM also serves as an audit trail of emails sent to the customer.

This is where organization kicks in and that means use folders.

Movegistics CRM allows you to create folders to keep your templates organized. By keeping your Corporate Sales templates in their own folder, you reduce the risk of them being sent to your Government Accounts.

Once you have created a repository of email templates, all users of your Movegistics CRM system can start sending professional high impact emails with just a few clicks and as your templates grow, you’ll be able to benefit more and more from the email templates.