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What Is CRM Anyway and What Does It Have To Do With Moving?

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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

Great customer relationships are the foundation of any business, especially so with moving where the growth of your business over the long run depends on the number of customer relationships developed and maintained. As a business grows those customer relationships become harder to manage without the proper tools.

Simply put, cloud-based CRM software is like Facebook or Twitter for your business. As the mover, you “connect” and “collaborate” with your customers using the CRM tools.

If you run or manage a moving business but are unfamiliar with the benefits of CRM, I’d like to first give you some questions to think about before we discuss the benefits of CRM.

– How do you manage your customer relationships?
– How does your sales team capture customer information? Do they enter the information in a form in a software? Do they use post-it notes or spreadsheets? If they use post-it notes or note cards how consistently is the information transferred to a spreadsheet or program? How much time is lost in the transfer?
– Think about the last time a customer called you. How long did they have to hold before you could find their information? Were you able to rapidly look them up by name, phone no., email or zip code?
Is your sales team treating all your customers the same way? If you could, would you rather prioritize your clients based on move size or value?
– Do you know which of your leads are Hot or Warm vs Cold?
– During busy season are you able to isolate the ‘big moves’ amongst all the moves that you are quoting on?
– Do you find yourself assigning leads and follow-ups to your team manually? How much of your time does that eat up? Isn’t that time you’d rather spend at the helm on strategic work?
– On average, how much time does it take for your team to respond to a rate request?
– Do you know how your closing ratios compare to your competition? Are you close enough leads?
– Do you buy leads from Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) providers and/or run your own marketing campaigns Either way, how long would it take for your sales team to prepare a report showing how many Google Adwords leads or PPL provider leads were closed in the last month? Are you measuring your ROIs on those marketing campaigns?
– Can your current program or manual process scale up as your business grows?
– Have you ever missed a move, lost a customer or dealt with poor feedback (buyer remorse) on yelp or social media because someone in your office forgot something or didn’t pass on information?

CRM for Movers

Now let’s talk about what a good CRM program like Movegistics CRM can help you accomplish –

– Rapidly capture, assign and convert leads into booked moves. With a good CRM program you will often have booked the move by the time your competitors get their estimates in.
– Build a healthy sales pipeline. A business that is managing its pipeline well can benefit from larger revenues and higher profits by closing more deals in less time.
– Help you close more deals by streamlining follow-ups, automatic reminders and by engaging your prospects through email templates. Sales reps are people people (by nature and by training). If you have already done the hard work to hire good sales reps with a fire in their belly, give them a good CRM system and watch your closing ratios go up.
– Be your Single Source of Truth for customer information.A good CRM program will have a common team calendar with custom color coding for for all your moves and move related events. One place where you can see what’s going on during the month, week or day.
– Help your team collaborate effectively with the customer using custom email templates.
Gather insights about customers and help anticipate their needs.
Provide a holistic picture of the health of your business through useful sales and operations reporting.
– Provide visibility into your team’s activities and follow-ups.
– Scale up to provide sophisticated features as your business needs grow.
– Ideally manage all information on the cloud so that customer information is accessible real time and from anywhere.

While good CRM software can be valuable to any business, it can provide immense value to Small and Medium-size Businesses (SMBs) as a toolset that can help SMBs compete with larger businesses in the marketplace. CRM can help already successful SMBs be even more successful. If we were to borrow from Marshall Goldsmith’s famous book, ‘What Got You Here Won’t Get You There’ — you need to find a new set of tools that will complement the strengths you already possess and help your business grow further. A good CRM system could be that complementary toolset your business needs to ‘Get You There’.

A good moving software with real CRM features will also make a good team great and help you grow your moving business, not merely run it. If your staff is neglecting your current software or if you are not getting the returns you have been expecting it’s time to consider Movegistics CRM, the next generation cloud-based CRM software built exclusively for moving companies. You’ll start seeing measurable results in just 15 days or sooner.

You have the below advantages with Movegistics CRM powering up your business:

– Automatic lead capture (be the first responder)
– Comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM for Moving)
– Powerful Pricing tool for Tariffs (generate estimates rapidly, minimize human errors)
– Powerful sales & operations calendar with track onsite surveys, and moves with custom color coding based on trucks, sales reps or move type
– Real e-signature capabilities through Adobe Echosign
– Native iPad and Android apps (breeze through visual surveys)
– Customizable templates (customs quotes, move documents, email templates to engage leads)
– Dispatching (assign workers and trucks to jobs, close-out jobs and monitor availability)
– Billing (generate invoices, deposits, bills)
– Payroll Reports (payroll reports for workers and sales reps)
– Sales reservations & dispatching reports (the big data – sales by rep, by lead source, pipeline, closed business, neglected leads, conversion ratios, lost jobs by competitor, ops reports & more)
– Cloud-based software (recognized by CIO Review magazine as a Top 20 Most Promising Cloud Computing Company)
– Extensive training and personable product support.

Mover Software

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