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Customer Enablement Services


We believe that the success of our company depends on the success of our clients.

Our objective is not just to sell you software, but rather enable you to execute on your vision and meet your business goals. And to that end, our commitment to your success starts from day one. Our customer enablement services team has over two decades of hands-on customer experience to guide you from implementation to training to achieving results. When your needs grow, consult with our team of experts through customized services to meet your specific needs. Marketing & sales enablement services are also available to setup marketing campaigns and guide you through industry best sales practices to achieve maximum results. Our approach is simple, we support you every step along the way.

The Netensityâ„¢ customer enablement services team will be your personal guide through every step of your implementation, including:


  • Assistance in integrating your company website with Movegistics CRM to automatically capture and assign leads.
  • Creation of custom estimates, move document templates and email templates using your corporate branding.
  • Guiding your sales team on industry best practices to achieve the highest revenue returns.
  • Personalized, hands-on 1:1 training sessions to help your staff build and nurture client relationships.
  • Training managers on how to monitor and maximize lead and prospect management success.
  • Business process and resource consulting for owners and leadership for effective utilization of resources and to ensure the right people are doing the right things at the right time.
  • Introduction to additional programs and resources from Netensityâ„¢ that you can leverage to drive ongoing success.

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