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Electronic Pre-move Surveys

The pre-move survey is perhaps the single most critical activity that helps sales teams accurately estimate the volume, weight, accessibility, and any special needs. Essentially a survey helps determine the size and scope of a move and helps an estimator arrive at the true cost of doing the move, especially so on the originating end of a move. Pre-move surveys also give your customers the confidence that your estimate quoted for their move is based on their own inventory and their unique needs rather than some arbitrary number.

Moving Software Movegistics CRM has powerful capabilities that allow you to execute pre-move surveys swiftly in a variety of ways and size a move accurately. You can breeze through an onsite visual with our IOS or Android app, or complete a rapid phone survey within seconds with the client on the phone or simply let the customer complete a self survey using the customer login.

Below are some screenshots for each of the pre-move survey methods supported.

PDF Summary

  • Wow your customers and agents with a professional, instant, and automatic email containing a PDF summary of the visual survey.



PDF Summary


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Phone Surveys

  • Now your sales team can breeze through phone surveys within seconds with the lead or customer on the phone using our innovative phone survey screen.


  • Your dedicated self-service customer portal will enable your leads and customers to complete self surveys, upload/download move documents, view quotes and view move status. Receive instant notifications of customer updates.


  • Automatically attach pre-move survey results to your estimates for an unambiguous estimate based on volume / weight / list of items.