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Email Templates

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Did you know that Movegistics CRM email templates can serve as a powerful tool in your Organization’s sales, marketing and customer support functions?

How often do you find yourself copying an old email so that you can send it to someone else? How often do you find yourself composing the same email over and over?

Movegistics CRM email templates can be a great time saver if they are created and organized properly. Among the applications they’re useful for are customer support, sales management, and sales automation.

Once you create a few templates, sending an email is just a matter of a few clicks. This can save a lot of time in customer support and sales management roles. And because Movegistics CRM is an online and web based CRM system you can easily share the templates you create with anyone in your company.

You can use pre-defined email templates to send out frequently sent emails such as Moving Guides, Customs Guides, Moving Tips, Move Confirmation and Next Steps, etc. Once you start using email templates, you will pleasantly surprise yourself and your colleagues with the number of time saver email templates you will come up with.

Sending emails through Movegistics CRM also serves as an audit trail of emails sent to the customer.

This is where organization kicks in and that means use folders.

Movegistics CRM allows you to create folders to keep your templates organized. By keeping your Corporate Sales templates in their own folder, you reduce the risk of them being sent to your Government Accounts.

Once you have created a repository of email templates, all users of your Movegistics CRM system can start sending professional high impact emails with just a few clicks and as your templates grow, you’ll be able to benefit more and more from the email templates.