Frequently asked questions

What is Movegistics?

Movegistics is cloud-based moving company software with integrated mobile apps designed to strengthen consumer relationships, facilitate paperless operations, evaluate and track KPIs, manage your sales pipeline, and much more. Movegistics was created by a moving company and tailored specifically for businesses in the moving industry. You can streamline and manage every department in your company using Movegistics. Click here to learn more.

Who should use Movegistics?

Movegistics can positively transform any moving company – regardless of the size of your business. Click here to learn more.

How does a web-based CRM solution benefit my company?

Movegistics operates via the web and on tablet devices. This provides greater accessibility while ensuring plenty of security. The web-based software and apps allow your field representatives to access it with their authorized device. Additionally, management can log into the system from anywhere and access information in real-time. Use it to monitor sales information, track sales performance, and manage your operations from anywhere, at any time. This ensures proper communication and transparency for the entire team.

Our company has multiple offices. Can Movegistics connect our multiple offices?

Yes, our moving company software gives employees the ability to access and share information with their co-workers – whether they are across the hallway, or across the country. Additionally, you can manage each employee’s or office’s access levels independently. Each employee can be given various levels of access, ensuring that your sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands. With premium features and accessibility from anywhere, Movegistics is a great fit for any moving company with a single location or multiple locations.

How much does your mover’s software cost?

Given that each business has unique needs, we price each company individually in an effort to keep prices affordable based on the size of each company and the number of users. Contact us to discuss your pricing today.

Does Movegistics integrate with QuickBooks?

Yes, our moving company software fully integrates with QuickBooks online to eliminate time and hassle of manual data entries. Connect to your company’s financial data in seconds with Movegistics® and QuickBooks online. Our integration with QuickBooks online is so much more than just a useful feature, it is a partnership that benefits you significantly. With instant electronic transferring of customers and invoices into our invoicing system, two notoriously lengthy and manual processes have been automated, saving you a tremendous amount of time.

What payment processor gateways does Movegistics integrate with?

At this time we integrate with and FirstData. We will be announcing integrations with more payment processor gateways soon.

What other integrations are available with Movegistics?

Movegistics integrates with Google Calendar, Google Maps, Techmate International, and more.

Where is Movegistics hosted?

Movegistics CRM is hosted on one of the world’s most reliable and scalable platforms, Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is the same platform that hosts the website. As AWS technology partners we have access to top tier support and server resources for AWS.

Where is my data stored?

To ensure around-the-clock access, we store all of our customer information securely on AWS cloud servers. Our servers backup automatically, so you can expect that your data is safe with us.

Do you offer training and customer support?

Yes, we have several training options available. We believe that learning the system inside and out is most critical to your success with the software program. Hence, we offer prerecorded training sessions, online live training, and if necessary we can send a representative to your location to train a group for a fee.

Our customer support line operates on a daily basis for quick responses and professional help when you need it the most. Each customer is entitled to an unlimited amount of cases – we are here for you.

How much time does initial setup take?

In most cases, we can complete initial setup within 7 business days.

My state requires bill of ladings (BOLs) to be in a specific format for in-state moves. Likewise, my published interstate tariffs also require BOLs in a specific format. Does Movegistics support custom document formats?

Yes, Movegistics already has BOL formats for most states that regulate moves and we are able to upload custom BOLs for a very nominal fee.

Can I upload my interstate tariffs into Movegistics?

Yes, we can upload your Interstate tariffs based on Weight/Distance into Movegistics at no additional charge. We support pricing using legacy 400N type tariffs and Van Line tariffs for a nominal fee.

Does Movegistics have native mobile apps?

Yes, Movegistics has native mobile apps for onsite surveys, electronic BOLs and we even have an app that your referring realtors can use to refer leads to you on their smartphone.

Does Movegistics provide integration with DocuSign or Adobe E-sign for e-signatures?

Movegistics has it’s own e-signature capabilities that work similar to other E-Sign service providers so you don’t have to pay extra for an E-Sign service.

Does Movegistics have two-way texting?

Yes, Movegitics provides two-way texting capabilities. You can exchange texts with your customers, moving crew members and employees. Texts can be manual or automated. Texting is an add-on due to applicable carrier charges.

Can I setup automatic email campaigns in Movegistics?

Yes, you can set up automatic email campaigns in Movegistics to email customers based on various move events and triggers.

Does Movegistics have a customer portal and live chat capability?

Yes, you can direct your prospects and customers to their very own customer portal where they can update their info, e-sign important documents, put in a deposit and even live chat with their sales rep.

Can you capture leads in Movegistics from a short contact form on our website?

We have our own lead capture tool that integrates with your website but if you wish to bypass it then yes, we can capture leads directly from your short contact form as well.