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Meet the CEO

Adarsh Dattani
Adarsh Dattani, Founder & CEO

Adarsh Dattani is the Founder & CEO of Netensity, a provider of enabling technologies for the moving industry.

Adarsh has over 22 years of experience in moving & relocations combined with core technology expertise across a multitude of technologies.

Adarsh is also a widely recognized expert in the field of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Adarsh’s experience in relocations coupled with hands-on technology expertise was key to his vision behind Movegistics CRM, the moving industry’s first cloud-based vertical CRM solution.

Read on for an informal chat with Adarsh as he talks about the product’s vision, the journey so far and what lies in store for the future.

“Movegistics CRM is a product of my deep-rooted desire to make a difference in the (moving) industry and my want to give something back to the industry.

Sadly, the moving industry has been severely lagging behind in its use of enabling technologies.

Larger moving companies either have their own home grown systems that are rigid & expensive to maintain or they are using really old ‘van lines’ software tools that severely limit them on functionality and what’s worse is they can be accessed only on certain computers.

Medium-size moving companies that could afford an off-the-shelf software program didn’t have a great choice of tools and had to make-do with what was available out there. The available software programs were at best isolated, dated, and mostly local (device and OS specific). They lacked any workflow management capabilities.

Smaller moving companies are suffering the most as they still use random stand-alone office tools like Word, Excel & Google calendars for move management. As a result, their staff have to do redundant data entry during lead capture, when booking moves and again in operations & billing. This painful and cumbersome duplication of work results in costly errors and poor sales conversion ratios. All this clutter can slow down response times and affect customer loyalty in the long run.

Long story short, I saw a great opportunity to enable large, medium and small moving companies alike with a user-friendly, and complete moving CRM platform that was easily customizable and yet robust. A platform that would let businesses efficiently manage tasks from quote until cash and help them achieve economies of scale through the cloud (web). I also wanted us to build and offer disruptive mobile technologies that were already transforming many industries all around. So we built Movegistics CRM which does all of the above and more.”, says Adarsh.

Soon after the launch of Movegistics CRM, Netensity made it to the CIOReview magazine’s list of 20 Most Promising Cloud Computing Companies for redefining sales automation in the moving industry and for staying unique in it’s vision and approach. The product has been raved about all over and has helped transform scores of moving companies. Within weeks of using the product, several businesses saw their conversion ratios jump from 25% to 50% resulting in higher revenues, measurable cost savings, and also a 2x increase in productivity directly resulting in more profits.

Adarsh is passionate about helping our customers succeed. He is very hands-on and he often loves to personally engage with customers. On the journey so far, Adarsh says “Change is never easy and it is far more difficult to bring about in an industry that has not seen any change in over a half century. At Netensity, we realize that a huge quantum of change cannot be achieved overnight. Rome wasn’t built in a day either. We are taking one step at a time and helping one customer at a time with Movegistics CRM. Some businesses require a bit more hand holding and we never deny them the training & support they deserve because we know we won’t be successful if they aren’t. We take pride in our willingness & ability to support our valued customers throughout the engagement starting with setup, during transition and all along. We are also fortunate to have a very talented workforce with deep domain expertise. I am proud of our team.. they are really our greatest strength.”

So what does the future behold for Movegistics CRM? Says Adarsh, “I am super excited about the future of Movegistics CRM and the moving industry. Movegistics CRM has seen a fantastic evolution over the years, mainly thanks to our great customers who actively participate with the product and give us great ideas. We are always listening to our customers and our team is working hard to build more & more useful features into the product. We have been regularly announcing major releases 2 – 3 times every year. We are not focused just on the next release, our product roadmap extends 3 – 5 years out in the future. With an unprecedented number of consumers now using mobile devices to shop and connect than ever before, mobile apps are the next big thing and a top priority at Netensity. Look out for our path breaking mobile apps that will forever transform how moving companies do dispatching and billing.”

Adarsh lives in Dublin, California. Outside of work, Adarsh enjoys spending time with his family and in doing landscape photography. Adarsh is an avid photographer and he often shares his work on his photography blog. “I am always learning something new about how I can use light and radiant energy to tell fascinating stories through my photographs.”, says Adarsh on his blog.