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Movegistics CRM Smart Mover Edition

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Smart Mover Edition is the basic version of Movegistics CRM. It includes CRM and sales features to help your team successfully book more moves and manage key account relationships through powerful tools such as an event calendar, automatic lead capture, email templates, pricing and tariffs.

Automatic Lead capture & Assignment

  • Directly capture leads from your website and Pay Per Lead (PPL) providers. No more manual data entry.
  • Automatically assign leads to specific users with customizable conditions and rules or on a round robin basis. Have leads from specific source, area, country, zip code assigned to specific sales reps to match their specialization and increase conversion rates.


Phone Surveys

  • Now your sales team can breeze through phone Surveys within seconds with the lead or customer on the phone using our innovative phone survey screen.


Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Technology:

  • We took our CRM technology and integrated it with cutting edge sales technologies like e-signatures, online contracts, configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) so that your sales reps can harness the power of full sales automation.
  • Your sales reps can now qualify new leads, quickly convert them into prospects and wow their prospects with rapid estimates, paperless e-signature technology and prompt follow ups. Our single Click Move Pricing engine is revolutionary and uses Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) technology.


E-signatures and Online Contracts

  • Movegistics CRM is the first moving industry software system that has direct integration with Adobe Echosign to maximize your closing ratios using electronic contract management, e-signatures and estimate alerts. You can enable email alerts for estimates not viewed by prospects, for estimates that are about to expire or receive an instant email alert each time a prospect views your estimates! You can also choose to get notified by email instantly when jobs are booked.
  • Get estimates to your customers electronically within seconds while they are on the phone and close deals quickly. Statistics have shown that the first company to get an estimate into a prospect’s inbox with e-signature confirmation capability has a significant advantage over their competition. Movegistics CRM will dynamically generate estimates in your existing format with your logo and terms.



Custom Estimates with Corporate Branding

Integrate your current formats for Invoices, Bill of Lading, Quotes, Contracts with your company logo within the software for one click emailing to customers and agents increasing efficiency and reducing workload to manage paperwork for each individual client. Changes are now easy to adapt as your old formats simply get automated just the way you like them starting from Quote to Cash.


Google Maps and Zip Code Lookup

  • Take advantage of Google Maps integration for quick, effective routing and cost savings.



Worldwide Port & Airports

Movegistics CRM comes pre-loaded with a worldwide database of Ports and Airports.


Multi-Currency with Metric & Imperial Units

  • Multiple currency support is critical to any system that supports international moving. Multi-currency support is built in to Movegistics CRM. You can set any currency as default and override it for specific transactions when needed.
  • Movegistics CRM supports the US Metric System, British Metric System and the Imperial System of units and conversions.
  • Measure volume in Cubic Meters (CBM) or Cubic Feet (CFT) whichever you prefer.
  • Likewise, measure weight in Pounds (LBS) or Kilograms (Kgs).
  • Movegistics CRM will adapt to the density ratio you use, whether it is 6.5 LBS per CFT or 104.12 Kgs per CBM or any custom ratio.
  • Easily change defaults easily to integrate into your system going forward.

Movegistics-crm-smart-move Pricing

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