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Multi-Currency with Metric & Imperial Units

  • Multiple currency support is critical to any system that supports international moving. Multi-currency support is built in to Movegistics CRM. You can set any currency as default and override it for specific transactions when needed.
  • Movegistics CRM supports the US Metric System, British Metric System and the Imperial System of units and conversions.
  • Measure volume in Cubic Meters (CBM) or Cubic Feet (CFT) whichever you prefer.
  • Likewise, measure weight in Pounds (LBS) or Kilograms (Kgs).
  • Movegistics CRM will adapt to the density ratio you use, whether it is 6.5 LBS per CFT or 104.12 Kgs per CBM or any custom ratio.
  • Edit defaults easily from the Setup tab to integrate into your system going forward.