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Moving Company Software for Movers

Delivered from the Cloud

Simplicity: No more complex silo applications that can only do this or that… your team deserves a simple, intuitive end-to-end workflow that they will love using day in and day out and you deserve a simple solution that just works without costing a fortune.

Simple workflow = Less headaches = more time to focus on core business.


Affordability: No expensive server infrastructure such as hardware or software to buy, manage and upgrade. No technical resources needed to maintain the system.

Pay as you go and pay as you use. No big checks to write, no long-term commitments and no need to wait 5 – 10 years for returns on your hardware and software investment, by which time you also run the risk of owning outdated technology.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Manageability that is only possible with Elastic Cloud Computing. No software to manage. Movegistics CRM is hosted on one of the world’s most reliable and scalable platforms, Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is the same platform that hosts the website. As Technology Partners we have access to top tier support and server resources for AWS.