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The All New Movegistics CRM

We are excited to announce an ALL NEW release of our cloud-based moving company CRM, Movegistics CRM 4! 

Our latest release has received a complete makeover and is designed to help you up your game and take your moving company to the next level!

Read on to see what our extremely talented developers at Netensity have built in Movegistics CRM V4!

Paperless BOL
Paperless BOL

One of the most exciting aspects of the new release is our Native Electronic BOL App. Currently in BETA, it is the first and only ‘native’ electronic BOL app of it’s kind. Don’t be fooled anymore by the web-based Electronic BOL solutions out there that are extremely slow and simply don’t work when needed remotely at the job site.

Our electronic BOL app will help you go 100% paperless and breeze through moves with the unmatched performance and reliability that you can only expect from native mobile apps. 

What’s more, the electronic BOL app was built with drivers and foremen in mind and is therefore extremely easy to use. It has a built-in intuitive workflow to guide your driver or foreman in completing moves right from initial walk through until final payment, and with real time updates sent to Dispatch! 

Paperless BOL
Paperless BOL

We redesigned all screens with Google’s Material Design, a visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science. The result is beautiful user interfaces and a unified user experience that you will enjoy every time you log in.

Paperless BOL

That’s not all! We topped off the new release with dozens of new features that are designed to make your life easier and guaranteed to help you stay well ahead of your competition!

Here are a partial list of the other new features we added to the new release!

  • Customizable Visual Estimator to blend with your website & company’s branding
  • New Opportunity Wizard
  • Dashboard with sales performance KPIs 
  • Ability to estimate local move hours as a range (For e.g.: 2 – 4 hours) 
  • Auto pricing for pack by weight and partial pack with auto box count 
  • Auto pricing for stair carry charges 
  • Auto pricing for long carry charges 
  • Automatic calculation of travel time 
  • Ability to estimate Crating charges separately 
  • Ability to give item level discounts in addition to bottom line discounts 
  • Sales tax for packing materials 
  • Drag and drop scheduling in the calendar 
  • Timeline view of Jobs assigned to Crew / Trucks in the calendar
  • Our in-house E-Sign feature that works just like Docusign & Adobe E-Sign
  • Realtor referrals
  • Ability to download a sales summary (customer info, move info, etc) 
  • Ability to do courtesy holds on the calendar by booking moves with pending status 
  • Improved Google maps integration showing pickup, delivery and all additional stops 
  • Map view of all jobs on any given day (useful when scheduling new jobs)
  • Improved Google Calendar Integration
  • Ability to assign Contractors / Owner Operators to jobs during Dispatching and calculate their commissions
  • Ability to group trucks and workers together as a Crew and then assign Crews to moves 
  • Ability to assign a custom job activity when scheduling moves 
  • Improved phone survey tool with visual estimator layout, cube sheet, copy/paste inventory and self survey option 
  • Ability to create and assign work orders for multiple day jobs 
  • Ability to create and send Change Orders when scope of work changes 
  • Ability to see variance from the estimate/move order as $ and % in Actuals Income Ability to record customer rating and customer feedback internally
…and much more!

Paperless BOL
Great things come to those who wait!

The new release of Movegistics CRM reflects the diverse nature of its users. Movegistics is no longer moving CRM just for small & medium size moving companies – We have been listening to the needs of its customers, and the result is Movegistics CRM V4 – the Ultimate Moving Company CRM. 
Click Here to see what’s new in Movegistics CRM V4 and to schedule your FREE DEMO today!.

Paperless BOL

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