Make every move smarter

Work anytime, anywhere and track your way to increased revenues, greater profits, and happy customers.

Capture & organize your leads

Visual estimator and customer portal

Our award-winning visual estimator integrates directly onto your website and allows your prospects to provide move information using interactive visual aids. The result is that your sales team gets qualified leads so they can maintain a higher conversion rate. You can also direct your prospects to their very own customer portal where they can udpate their info, e-sign important documents, put in a deposit and even live chat with their sales rep.

Lead board

Each new lead’s contact info and move info is instantly available in an organized lead board so your sales reps can effectively prospect new leads, do their follow ups, and close more deals. Your lead providers can post leads directly to your Lead Grabber in addition to emailing them to you.

Book the move

Onsite surveys

Get your estimates right the first time and book moves with confidence. Use our powerful onsite estimating mobile app, breeze through a phone survey on the CRM, or simply trigger an email to the customer inviting them to provide their move information online.

Powerful estimating tools

The Movegistics’ estimating tools are not just a better way to estimate, they are a game changer for moving companies.

Dispatch the move

Advanced scheduling tools

Drive profits with advanced scheduling tools like route planning and crew forecasts. Keep everyone connected with instant notifications and mobile calendars.

Wireless dispatching

Dispatch wirelessly and track field activity real-time using a central operations dashboard.

Complete the move

Electronic BOL app

Complete moves electronically on a tablet and save over $10,000 per truck each year. Instantly gratify your customers with paperless automation, earn great reviews and get more referrals.

Full storage management

Taking the move into storage? We have you covered with storage tracking, recurring invoicing and payments.